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Emails of Readers

Thanks for yor feedback :-)

Ance Lauksteina, Reykjavik | 20.02.2009

Hello Verena,

I recently found out your New Zealand web page & was totally caried away. Because I want to travel to New Zealand myself, I've been searching about it a lot in internet, but I was never able to hold my attention for more than few minutes on other people travelogues as they seemed boring, unprofessionally made and sometimes annoyed by being chaotic or badly designed.

So I just wanted to say I really like your site.

I'm a latvian girl who lives & works in Iceland. I love traveling, and your New Zealand site will help me a lot with planning my own trip there. Thanks.

Ance Lauksteina
from Reykjavik

Inger Horowitz, Stockholm | 03.08.2008


I just want to let you know how much I like your page pictures-of-newzealand. My husband and I are going to New Zealand in Dec, your page has been a great help for us. It has answered most of our questions and you have confirmed that we are on the right track with our plans.

Best regards
Inger Horowitz

PS. Your photos are great.

nach oben

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