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Although we'd packed lightly: it was still too much of course ;-) Both of us carried a big trekking backpack and a smaller rucksack for hand luggage. Tent, thermal mats and camping stove were stored in an extra bag as outdoor equipment might be checked more thoroughly. For the same reason we packed our hiking boots on top of the pile in the trekking backpack.

We could have gone without the extra bag for the tent as we (other than planned) just went for day walks and hikes. The problem was not carrying the bag (we had a shuttle from the airport to the car rental station), but the bag took up much storage space in the campervan. If you don't want to take a tent but plan a longer hike you can sleep in the huts at the walking tracks. This is also a good opportunity to meet people. A little camping stove makes sense as some huts have no cooking facilities. We were glad we'd taken our sleeping bags, which we used besides the blankets even in the campervan. Spring has some really cold nights.

Check your airline for the baggage restrictions and allowance from liquids, gels, size and weight limitations to how many pieces of hand luggage you can take with you on board. You will be charged for baggage exceeding the weight, size or piece limitations. Flying with Emirates from Germany via Dubai we were allowed to take 20 kg checked + 7 kg hand luggage per person, which was more than we needed.

Some important facts:

Hardcover and other cumbersome suitcases are not advisable if travelling by campervan. It's better to take backpacks and soft bags as they take up less room when empty.

The import of animals, plants, seeds and foodstuff to New Zealand is forbidden. Outdoor equipment should be clean.

If you travel with someone, carry half of the clothing in your partners bag and half his / her clothes in your bag – so you still have half your clothes if one of the bags gets lost. Place your name and contact information (perhaps your cards) both inside and outside all your pieces of luggage. It's a good idea to take old towels and clothes which you won't miss. This way you can leave the stuff there when you leave and have extra room for bringing other things back.

Packing List

optimized for travelling by campervan, please adapt if necessary.


... and, if necessary:

For the flight





... and, if necessary:

Check your vehicle supplier: normally you can rent some camping equipment for a reasonable price together with the car. So there's more room left for nice souvenirs :-)

Bath Items

... and, if necessary:

Things you'd better buy in New Zealand


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