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Nov 20

Lazy in Akaroa

A little more Akaroa. Instead of going for a hike we lounge in the campervan. Even if the weather is nice! In the evening we go down to the village. A walk to the cemetery – the gravestones are so old and fascinating, I take some photos. The cemetery is on a hill near the lighthouse and you can see the ocean from there. The Madeira Bar is empty today.

AkaroaEvening walk in Akaroa · more Akaroa pictures more pictures

Nov 21

Last Station Christchurch

The most expensive campground of the whole trip is our last one in Christchurch. They charge $36 per night. We don't have much choice, the place is quite near the airport and we need a dump station before we take the van back. So the Top 10 Holiday Meadow Park isn't what I'd call a beautiful spot, but it's clean and practical. A transfer station for arriving and departing travellers, disillusioning after all the picturesque places by the sea. The bus connection to the city is perfect. The price for a single ticket is $2.50 and the bus stops right at the campsite. When the people get off the bus they say thanks to the friendly bus driver. So we do as well.

At first glance Christchurch doesn't knock our socks off. It doesn't appear to be as cosy and typically English as the guidebook made us believe. But maybe we are simply saturated by all the new impressions we've had during the last 6 weeks.

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