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Nov 07

Across Cook Strait to the South Island

Before noon we have a closer look at the Wellington Harbour area. I like it. Unconventional, modern architecture, imaginative steel and wood sculptures and all over the place stone plates with poems by New Zealand writers. The Silver Fern sphere hovering over the beautiful Civic Square.

WellingtonBluebridge Ferry · more Wellington pictures more pictures

At noon we check in at the Bluebridge Ferry terminal and at 1.00 pm our ferry (click here for more ferry information) to the South Island departs. Cook Strait is calm and after 3 1/2 hours we arrive in Picton. Unfortunately it rains during the crossing, but when the ferry starts to move through the Marlborough Sounds the weather brightens slightly and we get a view of the lush green sounds in contrast to the deep blue water.

Marlborough SoundsMarlborough Sounds · more Marlborough Region pictures more pictures

In Picton, we immediately continue driving along SH1, passing Blenheim, in the direction of Kaikoura. The rain stops falling and we admire the hills of the gorgeous Marlborough Region. In the light of the cloudy slate blue sky the hills appear in all shades of green and turn to bright yellow when the sun comes through. Then the ocean. Bright turquoise, a strip of deep blue at the horizon. We love this place and find a parking spot in Kekerengu, right by the beach.

KekerenguKekerengu · more Kekerengu pictures more pictures

When we get out of the car we stand on a narrow but long black beach, pristine and covered with driftwood and stones – and know without saying that we want to spend the night here. There are already 2 other campervans parking next to us, we say hello and don't get in each others way.

The smell! Behind the beach it's quite green and smells of herbs. Beside us a lupin and filigree shrubs which spread mildly the scent of knotgrass and hyssop. On the beach I find shimmering paua and beautiful stones which feel like bones. Smooth and cool.

We open the back doors of the campervan and sit at the table, looking out at the sea as we listen to gentle jazz sounds.

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