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Nov 09

Kaikoura Cracker, Whitebait and no weather for Whale Watch

Today the weather looks quite different to yesterday. Dark grey sky, very windy, rain now and then. My heart starts sinking because of the approaching whale watching. Fortunately we've bought the Kaikoura Crackers against sea sickness. The trip doesn't start until 3.30 pm, so we stay in the campervan and have an extended breakfast, while having some weird ideas about our future plans in New Zealand.

The weather's getting more and more nasty and we begin to ask ourselves if the boat will depart at all. When I go to the campground office to book one more night I ask the lady if she knows anything about. After a look on the web she tells me «Yes, they go out under almost any condition. But it's definetely going to be bumpy today.» I don't know if I should feel happy about that.

As we were instructed by the chemist, one hour before the trip we each swallow 2 of these immense huge Kaikoura Crackers and go to the Whale Watch station feeling queasy. Here we receive different information: The trip cas been cancelled and delayed until tomorrow because it's too stormy today. We are angry with ourselves because we banked on the information we got at our campground, instead of calling the Whale Watch station directly. Now we've already swallowed these capsules which are said to take hold for 8 hours and are making us woozy.

KaikouraSkateboard ramp at the sea · more Kaikoura pictures more pictures

Ralph feels more sick than I do, so he doesn't want to go anywhere other than back to the campervan. I buy some fresh fish and stroll around in Kaikoura. Out of the centre, more southwards, is a skateboard ramp. According to a plaque almost everybody in town seems to have donated for its construction. A boy rides to and fro with his bycicle and is glad when he notices me taking photos of him. Together we look at the pictures on the camera screen. A seagull poses patiently for a portrait as well.

KaikouraCatching Whitebait · more Kaikoura pictures more pictures

On the way back, I pass a stream. There's a fisherwoman who already made me curious on my way there. She's still standing there leaning over with a triangular fish trap, the endeavour seems quite labourious. I can't see if she's already caught anything, there's no container except for a plastic bottle. Nevertheless, she's continuously scooping something out of the sifter. I ask what it is. «Whitebait» is the bare answer. I'm undecided. I'd like to continue watching but I don't want to bother her. So I wish her good luck and turn to go. She says that luck is exactly what she needs and shows me the content of the glass she's been scooping with. Tiny transculent fish, almost like worms. « People do 'em in the fritter. »

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