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Nov 08

Coffee in bed and dolphin fins at Kekerengu Beach

We wake up at the beach of Kekerengu. Coffee in bed, with the campervan doors wide open, and a view of the South Pacific Ocean in front of Kaikoura. In the distance we see dark fins, dolphins. As on the North Island they welcome us even without official Dolphin Watching :-)

After another beach walk in the other direction, we have a cappuccino at the cafe and then move on to Kaikoura. In the morning the sky was cloudy but in the meantime the weather has become fantastic and remains fine as we the drive. We're still on State Highway 1. Most of the time we drive along the ocean, railway tracks run parallel between the beach and the road. The nearer we get to Kaikoura the rougher and rockier the coastline looks, the stones here and there speckled with seals.

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In Kaikoura we go to the Alpine Pacific Holiday Park where we get a spot on a flat lawn area with a view of the still snow-covered mountain peaks. The facilities are comfortable. A powered site costs $30. At first we walk to the Whale Watch station at Whaleway Station Rd to pre-book the Whalewatch for tomorrow evening, then we go into town. On the little shopping street I buy a New Zealand merino shirt. We have a pint in the Strawberry Tree Pub garden and buy some so-called Kaikoura Crackers at the drugstore to prevent seasickness tomorrow – we both know we'll need it. «Safe and sure!» affirms the chemist. So we suppose nothing can go wrong.

KaikouraCampground in Kaikoura · more Kaikoura pictures more pictures

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