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Nov 16

Blues in Marahau ...

From Pohara we drive back to Marahau, across the mountains, up in the clouds. At the same campsite as last time we slumber and daydream in the van, steady rain since we've arrived. A goldfinch swarm doesn't mind though, the little crowd bustles about the meadow. In the evening we also overcome our drowsiness. In the rain we do the Nature Walk at the Park Cafe, where we have dinner afterwards. They are playing live music tonight. Blues. Beautiful atmosphere.

Fr 17

... and Blues on the way.

Odd weather today. Warm and wet, and the rain won't stop. Actually, we intended to spend one more day at Old Macdonalds Farm campground and walk another section of the Abel Tasman Coast Track, catch a water taxi again, and at least go for a walk on the dreamlike starfish beach. I'm convinced, the rain will stop today. But Ralph wants to drive towards Christchurch now. That doesn't suit me at all. To me, that means also driving towards the end of the holiday – but I give in. We pass Nelson and after a long drive, grey and drab and rain, rain, rain – I guess we've followed it – we arrive at a campground as ugly as sin* at a boring beach* shortly past Kaikoura, the fucking weather's still terrible and I'm annoyed that I agreed to leave Marahau.

* The campground probably wasn't that bad. And supposably the beach was quite nice, too – but this was my mood that evening. I had the travel blues and had realized we had to leave New Zealand soon. I wasn't ready yet.

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