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Nov 12

Celebration of the senses in Marahau

Heading for Marahau, the gateway to Abel Tasman National Park! Coming from Tophouse Rd we turn onto SH6, then in Richmond onto SH60 along the Tasman Bay. Shortly before we arrive at our destination we take a break in Motueka, a lovely lively small town. They even have an organic shop with a cafe (coming from SH60 quite near the beginning of the town, on the right), where we have a yummy cappuccino and buy some bread. We also buy some groceries at the supermarket because it's the last one before Abel Tasman NP. Behind the visitor centre is a market with fresh food, flowers, clothes and a lottery. Hot Mama's Cafe (on the right side of High Street) offers Sensational Carrot Cake. The piece is big, nutty, creamy, ... – lush! The best carrot cake I've ever had. In addition to that, they play good music and you can flop onto the sofa – which I really appreciate after that piece of cake ;-) Hot Mama's offers other nice food and seems to be quite popular.

MotuekaLotsa lucky numbers at the market in Motueka

For our stay in Marahau we've already picked out Old MacDonald's Farm. There are llama and alpaca in the fields on both sides of the long driveway. PÅ«kekos and other birds stalk around on the large green property. We can choose a site, there's enough splace. The sites are spacious and surrounded by shrubs and small orange trees, some blossoming with an intense scent, others bursting with ripe fruit. In addition to that, fuchsias, ponga, a little stream. The facilities in the middle look like Robinson Crusoe's hut.

Marahau is located at Sandy Bay and this is the first one of the golden beaches. It's low tide, the sea far far away, and the sand quite wavy. In the shallow leftover water paddle little crabs and blue starfish. White-faced Herons are on the hunt, standing fixed on their long thin legs in the wet sand, waiting until they snatch at something, fast as lightning. It's similar to tropical tideland, I can hardly describe, am over the moon with it. Just watch the pictures. Needless to say, it looks much more beautiful in real life.

MarahauGolden Sandy Bay in Marahau · more Abel Tasman NP pictures more pictures

Abel Tasman Coast Track starts near the beach. Directly beside Park Cafe, where we go for a beer and a snack after our beautiful walk on the beach. I have a delicious avocado salad with grapefruit marinated smoked fish. Today is a celebration of the senses.


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