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Oct 29

Steady rain and glowworms

Oh dear. From morning until evening we sit in our van at the campground. It's raining steadily, it's coming down in sheets, and it won't stop. Initially, we wanted to visit the Waitomo Glowworm Cave early in the morning and then go to the Waitomo Walkway but meanwhile we've dropped our hiking plans. In the evening we walk to the Glowworm Cave which is very nearby. At first the guided tour leads through a limestone cave, the Cathedral Cave. It's nice but the guide is talking steadily, too much for our liking. With a little more silence the place would have more appeal. Fortunately, she stops talking when we board the boats for the Glowworm Cave trip.

The glowworms gleam like stars at heaven's tent, like a little universe, when you pass the river beneath them.

Back in daylight magic comes to an end. It's still raining heavily. Maybe the Black Water Rafting would've been the better choice, you can't get more wet than it is outside ;-) We go for a coffee, take a hot shower and that's it for today.

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