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Oct 17

Friendliness and cooperativeness in Whangarei

One more little rain shower, and then – finally! – the sun shows its face. And keeps shining! We have avocados and tomatoes for breakfast. A pukeko is stalking around the campervan.

We can no longer avoid making our first use of the dump station to dispose the waste water. The problem is that we don't know how to use it because we didn't get it during the vehicle handover and this is our first campervan holidays. We don't want to do anything wrong, so we ask for advice in the campsite office although we think it's embarrasing. But, no problem. We park the campervan in front of the dump station and the friendly guy comes and helps us although he isn't very good at it either. The quite old and cheerful lady from the mobile home opposite joins us as well. She came from England to New Zealand 43 years ago and is a continuous camper at this campground. She knows what to do and helps willingly. The situation isn't embarassing anymore because helping goes simply without saying here. And with a good chat while doing so. We get some shopping advice as well: the Hot Bread Shop, 74 Maunu Rd sells homemade bread, and vegetables are really fresh at Veg Out, 28 Maunu Rd. How friendly and helpful the New Zealanders are!

Campground in Whangarei At the campsite in Whangarei · more Whangarei pictures more pictures

We spend an unhurried day in Whangarei. Every now and then we're asked where we come from, for how long we'll stay and if we like New Zealand – even when shopping in the outdoor equipment store. Whangarei looks quite picturesque at the Town Basin. There's a little harbour with a boardwalk where you can sit outside at Reva's. Ralph orders pizza and I have shrimps and clam fritters. We have a talk with the waitress. The World Cup is talked about, but soccer isn't really popular here. Kiwis are keen on rugby. There's quite an enjoyable atmosphere at Reva's and they play nice music. The sky is bright blue.

Town Basin in Whangarei At the Town Basin in Whangarei · more Whangarei pictures more pictures

We continue our stroll, go shopping and into a cyber cafe, then relax for the rest of the day and one more night at the campground.

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